Durga Chronicles


After the run in with kobolds, our heroes continue on their journey to Yonto. There, they meet the nomadic Hawk Tribe in their encampment. While Popito discusses with the shepherds of his flock being returned, our heroes learn there is some sort of giant beast ravaging the hills and disturbing the tribes way of life for the worse.

Being led to the beasts lair, the party sets up a plan to lure the thing out and end it’s reign of terror. After a rousing battle and not without taking hurts themselves, the heroes manage to slay the creature, which it turns out was of the Ogre-kin. The party loots the lair and brings back a good haul for themselves as well as donating some of the riches to the Hawk Tribe.

Horp, the tribal leader, awards them with a feast and deem them friends of the Hawk Tribe, and as a gift they each receive a feathered amulet.

The group then heads south back to Goodwell to return the sheep after recovering, while being escorted by one of the Hawk Tribe’s shepherds and dog. On their journey they are ambushed by two Hyenas, perhaps those that had been making off with the sheep. The shepherd and dog suffered dire injuries but not without being avenged by our heroes who ended the two beasts lives after a close contact fight.

The group finally makes it to Goodwell and are rewarded well for their exploits. Glin, Quilgor, and Kaladan are sidetracked on a short adventure while Valkyriem shops. After the adventure, they head for the guards tower after learning days before of a group of men(and elves) needed for a quest. There they meet officer Oskin Brokentooth, who explains to them of the outpost, the Western Tower, and their lack of receiving any news or anything for the matter, and needs the group to check on things in a three day time slot. As payment they will be closer to becoming citizens of Goodwell and are consequently deputized as part of the Watch. On their journey they scare off a group of would-be bandits and reach the Western Tower. There the township is crawling with halflings. The mood of the place is somber and foreboding and are met with resentment by the townsfolk, they are warned of a “dark cloud” hanging about the town.


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