Durga Chronicles

A New Beginning

Our heroes, Glin Von Magus, Valkyriem, Quilgor and Kaladan learned from Morgen, the proprietor of The Homestead, that a livestock merchant needs help.

We met Shrewd Jaslo a sheep dealer who was having trouble with beasts attacking the sheep he was trying to bring out of the Shattered Hills north of town. Players have accompanied his son Popito toward the village of Yonto where Popito will acquire the sheep. The task is to shepherd the sheep back to Goodwell.

The trip is about one day north of Goodwell. A few hours north of town, the party examines the pass where the previous shepherding trips had gone awry. They see predator tracks, but cannot find the source of them.

A couple hours north of there, the party sets up camp. During the night a pair of hiking kobolds attempt to ambush the sleeping adventurers, but are hoisted by their own petard (!) and end up as a pair of dead kobolds.

they were carrying treasure


wogget wogget

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