Durga Chronicles

Recovery and Investigation

Looking into what we found

Who is Nardoc?

The characters approach Kendial at a table in the Well tavern. “Nordoc, you say, yes indeed I’m familiar with him. He is a wizard if some skill. His reputation is more that of a clever craftsman of magical devices more than an adventurer. ‘Nardoc-the-bold’ is what we call him, though you should know that the ‘bold’ part is a jest. He is a coward at heart, though a spiteful and ambitious one. He is persona-non-grata in Goodwell owing to his schemes to corrupt the City council and extort our merchants. Thankfully, Lonnith Darkblade uncovered his plot two years ago and he was banished beyond the city walls. I do not know where he is now though expect there are former allies of his in Goodwell who know of his whereabouts. Perhaps Lonnith might have a clue. I would advise care in dealing with him. He is quite powerful and not to be trusted. I’m afraid I know nothing of this assistant, Bodramblar.”

Later that evening, you approach Lonnith Darkblade. The rogue tells you about an associate of Nardoc’s who might have information. “Joordal is a woodcarver in town who knows Nardoc. I suspect he knows where you can find the cowardly wizard. You can find him in the Rusty Bucket Inn most nights. If you speak with him, you should probably not mention my name . . .”

What is the Amulet of Hrurgal?

The Temple of Nethys serves as both a temple to the god of knowledge and a academy of scholarship. The chief librarian seems most unhelpful, but an older bearded scholar named Ixiolander approaches you after the librarian goes away “Forgive me for eavesdropping but I couldn’t help but hear that you need information about an Andurinthian artifact. The dead Gnomish culture is my area of study and I’d be happy to give you what insight I can.”

Kaladar removes the amulet from his pack and shows it to the scholar. “We heard it is called the Amulet of Hrurgal”

With the mention of that name the scholar seems taken aback, "Hrurgal? What a coincidence! I read that name not seven days ago in an ancient scroll I came across in the archives. It is odd I remember it, the name appeared in a list of priests in the old Andurinthian Wisdom Cult. The scroll dealt with the Andurinthian Mage-Priest caste or rather their death rituals. The priests of this particular Gnomish cult sought immortality by binding the spirits of their dead to specially prepared monuments in their temples. Presumably, these monuments were shrines for the well known Andurinthian practice of Ancestor worship. The scroll hinted at another use of the monuments- as some repository of power or some such. I’m not really sure. I suspect the answer lies in a book I’ve seen referenced in the literature— the “Taridalium Gorithalus” in Old Andurinthian. It translates to the “Holy Book of the Sepulcher of Wisdom” Alas, it is one of the million missing tomes that are the bane of scholars— hinted at in our books, but lost to history.

“As regards the amulet, I have doubts to it being of Andurinthian origin. I recognize the scroll and filigree work found in Andurinthian jewelry, but the bas-relief sculptural form is more like that of modern Artan style. An Andurinthian Amulet would be worked with cloisonne of inlaid colored glass. I’m not a jeweler so I speak only as a Gnomish scholar, but I would say you have a modern creation in an Andurinthian style.”

Who is Navez of Sarenrae

As you enter the Cathedral of the Cross you are confronted by the power of the Church. The ostentatious architecture brings to mind the confident control the Church exerts over the religions of Amara. You realize that this place is NOT a hotbed of the heresy. Obviously you must be very discrete when you speak with Navez.

You send an acolyte to fetch Navez. You are approached by a young clean shaven man that possess both the beauty and grace of an elf and the grounded strength of a human. He is dressed in a light blue toga belted with a golden strap adorned with a buckle shaped like the rising sun.

Glin Von Magus speaks diplomatically “Your eminence, we sought you out because we have recently found ourselves in the company of the small peoples of the western tower. We had the unfortunate experience of discovering the body of their priest, Zecuun Zova. He met an unfortunate end, killed by a wild beast. Among his remains we found a note leading us to believe that you have had some dealings with him.”

A stricken look overtakes the young priests face “That is bad news to hear of Father Zova’s passing. This note . . . perhaps we should speak of it somewhere else.” He looks around anxiously over his shoulder.

“Certainly, eminence,” Glin says “we are staying at the Homestead. Perhaps you could meet us there this evening.”

“I will see you after the evening bell. The blessing of the dawn be upon you.”


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