Durga Chronicles

Retcon Police: Mission I: The Town Guard and the Murder

While Valkyriem shopped for goods, Glin, Quilgor, and Kaladan were enjoying their drinks at the bar in Cayden Cailean’s temple. Some men were harassing the bar’s waitress, but Kaladan intimidated them into leaving the bar. When we left, a mysterious man followed us.

As we headed to the market, the two men from earlier attacked us with their daggers. One was knocked unconscious, and the other fled. At that point, the mysterious man popped out and asked a favor of us. He wanted us to retrieve a holy symbol of Iomedae that had been stolen by a mysterious group known as the Murder because it was a “name-day” gift for his friend. Kaladan and Quilgor headed with him, and Glin stayed behind to explain the situation to the guards.

Unfortunately, the guards that arrived on the scene had to be the ones who had gotten poor rolls for their Int scores. Glin was arrested and taken to jail despite many attempts to explain the situation.

Quilgor and Kaladan found their way to the Murder HQ and fought off many dire rats and a gremlin on their way to meet with the group. When they finally arrived in the tengus’ main hall, they had to do some bartering with money from the mysterious stranger. They retrieved the holy symbol at a loss.

Once they had been sold the holy symbol, Quilgor and Kaladan headed to the name-day party at the Well. They met up with the stranger, Lonnith Darkblade, who gave it to his companion Kendial. Lonnith soon convinced the guards to let Glin free, and everyone lived happily ever after. (Except Glin. He still shudders when imagining the halitosis and cruel reprimands from Oskin Brokentooth.)


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