Durga Chronicles

Retcon Police: Mission II: We Ought to Sue-er the City Sanitation Department

Glin’s phonic transmitter buzzed as he strolled into the main hall of the space station. “It’s urgent,” he heard. “Kaladan’s not here, and we’re in the middle of an adventure. You know what to do.” Glin hung up without saying a word and entered into the temporal chamber. He grabbed a letter pinned to the door and skimmed over it before activating the room’s power. Blue lights surrounded him as he set the time to the date Valkyriem entered Goodwell.

Glin moved along the whole of time-space and picked out a spot in line located directly behind Valkyriem. Valkyriem moved to the city gate, but he was halted by the guard, a scrawny, middle-aged man who seemed to have a bad temper. Despite Valkyriem’s best attempts, he couldn’t convince the guard to let him through. Glin muttered to himself, “Looks like this timeline’s going to fail if I don’t do something about it.” He shouted a flimsy excuse about traveling with Valkyriem to the guard. Despite the weakness of his claim, an “introductory letter from his family” shut the soldier up, and Glin and Valkyriem entered together.

Glin tossed out the idea of meeting with Thrinestor Faneth, a man described in the letter. Valkyriem gratefully accepted. When they reached the home of Thrinestor, they were greeted by his daughter, Galicia Faneth. Valkyriem found her beautiful, but Glin focused on asking about anything to do in the town. They were invited inside to discover that the home (and Thrinestor) had been severely damaged during a laboratory accident. Glin examined the scene, and he concluded that one of the machines had rusted much more than others. There was a strange trail of ooze leading from the site where a box of reagents had possibly been stolen to a sewer grate, and the young men learned that another man, Quilgor, had gotten himself lost while searching the sewer for clues. Valkyriem, anxious to prove himself in the eyes of Galicia, climbed down into the sewers.

Glin followed Valkyriem as he tracked the ooze to the central reservoir. They fought many living oozes along the way, and a giant amoeba knocked Valkyriem unconscious. Glin, after searching the reservoir, found Quilgor. Quilgor was stuck in a trap, but Glin broke his bonds with Valkyriem’s dagger. Quilgor healed the adventurers with his cleric spells. Then, they headed up through another ladder and found themselves in the den of a gremlin. Valkyriem grappled with the gremlin, a frenzied creature who soon rusted the dagger with its magic abilities. After much hardship, the party defeated the gremlin. They found their way out of the den and returned to Galicia. They reviewed the details of the quest and rejoiced.

Glin sauntered away shortly after and pressed a button on his wristwatch to return to his own time. A few days later, Valkyriem found Glin at the entrance to the town and found that while this Glin did have the experience points, he didn’t remember the experience at all. Valkyriem brought Glin to the Homestead, and he informed Glin about his adventuring career. About a week later, a dagger came in the mail for Valkyriem. The dagger was simply left with the note, “Try to be more careful with your items. – Glin”.


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