A small city located in the southwest portion of the Shattered Hills where the Khalandril River emerges from its underground course. The city holds a charter from the king of Artanis wherein it pays taxes to the king and is protected from would be invaders by the might of the kingdom’s military. The charter also serves to keep the inhabitants free from fealty to the Count of Hillmarch, the lord of the land surrounding the city.

It is a mining town, filled with a wide variety of people- miners and thugs, honest shop owners and two-bit rascals. The main exports are gems, some ore and various alchemical components.

Noted Inhabitants include:

*Bryn Heskion— a gnomish Merchant who can get anything for a price
*Thronk—half-orc captain of the city watch
*Franci and Horral—No-nonsense Human husband and wife proprietors of The Rusty Shovel
*The Sultan— the mysterious boss of the underworld


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