The setting for the players is the southern central portion of Amara, the northern continent of Erandur, bounded to the south by the Inner Sea. The area is dominated by the Durga Wastes and is largely arid, with the White Spine Mountains running along the northern portion. The foothills of the White Spine are a tribal region with interspersed groups of humans, demi-humans and humanoids existing in an uneasy balance. Traveling south, the hills gradually fade into the expanse of the Durga Wastes, a large grass and scrub desert that was the former home of the long dead Gnomish Kingdom known as “Andurinthia”. Several walled towns exist on the edges of the Wastes, some in old Andurinthian ghost towns. The safest and most civilized of these is Goodwell where the player will start their adventuring careers.

The Wastes are bounded on the west by the Khalandril River, past which you find the Eastern Marches, so named because they are the eastern edge of Kingdom of Artanis, a cosmopolitan feudal country ruled by King Perion the Proud, a human and the fifth of his line. The Eastern Marches is the collective name of four separate feudal holdings, the largest and most influential of which is the Duchy of Callia. Branthen, Duke of Callia is a close confidant of King Perion and is often attending court at the Kings palace. Also of note in the Eastern Marches is County Hillmarch, ruled by the Count Brenneth Hardfoot, a halfling noble in a world where halflings are thought of as second class citizens. Also considered part of the Eastern Marches is a chartered “city” of Khalandrun. It is a stretch to call Khalandrun a city, it is really a larger-than-average mining town. It is located at the headwaters of the Khalandril (where the river emerges from underground) and serves as a watering hole and mixing vat for the various fringe types who try to pull riches from the nearby Shattered Hills.

Deep in the White Spine Mountains, the Dwarven Kingdom of Durtan-Hurn mines precious metals and forges great weapon and armor. The proud Dwarven King Thallin V is a friend to all civilized people, and sees his people as protectors of the Mountains.

At the eastern edge of the Durga Wastes, is the Citadel of Ilfirin which guards the mountain pass to the eastern reaches of the Continent. The east is dominated by the Republic of Calatar, an insular country that does not open its’ borders to strangers. Calatar is a democratic republic and yet is dominated by the Church and its’ politics.

Lastly, south of the Wastes and clinging to the edge of the Middle Sea is the port city of Hapsgard. Hapsgard is a cosmopolitan wonder, far advanced compared to the provincial cities that populate the wastes. It is colony of Grendria, a powerful empire on the Southern continent.

For more distant locations see Far Off Lands.


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