Welcome Adventurers!

Welcome to the world of Erundur— a world of magic and myth-making. We’ll be playing the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game in a world of our own creation. I have begun to make the skeleton of this world but I encourage you to help join in its’ development. World creation is a large task and I want you to help. As you read through the ideas herein and start thinking about your character, think, too, about organizations to which your character belongs or the city he or she is from. Add those ideas to the wiki. As GM I want to share the task of creation with you. Of course, I may need to edit or modify your additions to make them fit with ideas I have going, but I promise to keep my mind open to the ideas you bring.

As a starter take a look at our wiki. You can find an intro to the world we’ll be making. Some parts, like the list of gods comes directly from the Pathfinder RPG. We’ll use those, since they are a good start and we don’t have to start everything from scratch. I don’t feel we have to be bound by the source material, though. Feel free to make the gods your own.

You can check out the Pathfinder Web Document or Pathfinder OGC for game mechanics and classes. There is a lot in there, zillions of ideas, not all of which we will use. Please check with me before you get you heart set on an exotic class or race. We’ll try to fit it in, but we might have to tweak your idea or the world to make it work.

Durga Chronicles

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