Durga Chronicles

Recovery and Investigation
Looking into what we found

Who is Nardoc?

The characters approach Kendial at a table in the Well tavern. “Nordoc, you say, yes indeed I’m familiar with him. He is a wizard if some skill. His reputation is more that of a clever craftsman of magical devices more than an adventurer. ‘Nardoc-the-bold’ is what we call him, though you should know that the ‘bold’ part is a jest. He is a coward at heart, though a spiteful and ambitious one. He is persona-non-grata in Goodwell owing to his schemes to corrupt the City council and extort our merchants. Thankfully, Lonnith Darkblade uncovered his plot two years ago and he was banished beyond the city walls. I do not know where he is now though expect there are former allies of his in Goodwell who know of his whereabouts. Perhaps Lonnith might have a clue. I would advise care in dealing with him. He is quite powerful and not to be trusted. I’m afraid I know nothing of this assistant, Bodramblar.”

Later that evening, you approach Lonnith Darkblade. The rogue tells you about an associate of Nardoc’s who might have information. “Joordal is a woodcarver in town who knows Nardoc. I suspect he knows where you can find the cowardly wizard. You can find him in the Rusty Bucket Inn most nights. If you speak with him, you should probably not mention my name . . .”

What is the Amulet of Hrurgal?

The Temple of Nethys serves as both a temple to the god of knowledge and a academy of scholarship. The chief librarian seems most unhelpful, but an older bearded scholar named Ixiolander approaches you after the librarian goes away “Forgive me for eavesdropping but I couldn’t help but hear that you need information about an Andurinthian artifact. The dead Gnomish culture is my area of study and I’d be happy to give you what insight I can.”

Kaladar removes the amulet from his pack and shows it to the scholar. “We heard it is called the Amulet of Hrurgal”

With the mention of that name the scholar seems taken aback, "Hrurgal? What a coincidence! I read that name not seven days ago in an ancient scroll I came across in the archives. It is odd I remember it, the name appeared in a list of priests in the old Andurinthian Wisdom Cult. The scroll dealt with the Andurinthian Mage-Priest caste or rather their death rituals. The priests of this particular Gnomish cult sought immortality by binding the spirits of their dead to specially prepared monuments in their temples. Presumably, these monuments were shrines for the well known Andurinthian practice of Ancestor worship. The scroll hinted at another use of the monuments- as some repository of power or some such. I’m not really sure. I suspect the answer lies in a book I’ve seen referenced in the literature— the “Taridalium Gorithalus” in Old Andurinthian. It translates to the “Holy Book of the Sepulcher of Wisdom” Alas, it is one of the million missing tomes that are the bane of scholars— hinted at in our books, but lost to history.

“As regards the amulet, I have doubts to it being of Andurinthian origin. I recognize the scroll and filigree work found in Andurinthian jewelry, but the bas-relief sculptural form is more like that of modern Artan style. An Andurinthian Amulet would be worked with cloisonne of inlaid colored glass. I’m not a jeweler so I speak only as a Gnomish scholar, but I would say you have a modern creation in an Andurinthian style.”

Who is Navez of Sarenrae

As you enter the Cathedral of the Cross you are confronted by the power of the Church. The ostentatious architecture brings to mind the confident control the Church exerts over the religions of Amara. You realize that this place is NOT a hotbed of the heresy. Obviously you must be very discrete when you speak with Navez.

You send an acolyte to fetch Navez. You are approached by a young clean shaven man that possess both the beauty and grace of an elf and the grounded strength of a human. He is dressed in a light blue toga belted with a golden strap adorned with a buckle shaped like the rising sun.

Glin Von Magus speaks diplomatically “Your eminence, we sought you out because we have recently found ourselves in the company of the small peoples of the western tower. We had the unfortunate experience of discovering the body of their priest, Zecuun Zova. He met an unfortunate end, killed by a wild beast. Among his remains we found a note leading us to believe that you have had some dealings with him.”

A stricken look overtakes the young priests face “That is bad news to hear of Father Zova’s passing. This note . . . perhaps we should speak of it somewhere else.” He looks around anxiously over his shoulder.

“Certainly, eminence,” Glin says “we are staying at the Homestead. Perhaps you could meet us there this evening.”

“I will see you after the evening bell. The blessing of the dawn be upon you.”

Retcon Police: Mission II: We Ought to Sue-er the City Sanitation Department

Glin’s phonic transmitter buzzed as he strolled into the main hall of the space station. “It’s urgent,” he heard. “Kaladan’s not here, and we’re in the middle of an adventure. You know what to do.” Glin hung up without saying a word and entered into the temporal chamber. He grabbed a letter pinned to the door and skimmed over it before activating the room’s power. Blue lights surrounded him as he set the time to the date Valkyriem entered Goodwell.

Glin moved along the whole of time-space and picked out a spot in line located directly behind Valkyriem. Valkyriem moved to the city gate, but he was halted by the guard, a scrawny, middle-aged man who seemed to have a bad temper. Despite Valkyriem’s best attempts, he couldn’t convince the guard to let him through. Glin muttered to himself, “Looks like this timeline’s going to fail if I don’t do something about it.” He shouted a flimsy excuse about traveling with Valkyriem to the guard. Despite the weakness of his claim, an “introductory letter from his family” shut the soldier up, and Glin and Valkyriem entered together.

Glin tossed out the idea of meeting with Thrinestor Faneth, a man described in the letter. Valkyriem gratefully accepted. When they reached the home of Thrinestor, they were greeted by his daughter, Galicia Faneth. Valkyriem found her beautiful, but Glin focused on asking about anything to do in the town. They were invited inside to discover that the home (and Thrinestor) had been severely damaged during a laboratory accident. Glin examined the scene, and he concluded that one of the machines had rusted much more than others. There was a strange trail of ooze leading from the site where a box of reagents had possibly been stolen to a sewer grate, and the young men learned that another man, Quilgor, had gotten himself lost while searching the sewer for clues. Valkyriem, anxious to prove himself in the eyes of Galicia, climbed down into the sewers.

Glin followed Valkyriem as he tracked the ooze to the central reservoir. They fought many living oozes along the way, and a giant amoeba knocked Valkyriem unconscious. Glin, after searching the reservoir, found Quilgor. Quilgor was stuck in a trap, but Glin broke his bonds with Valkyriem’s dagger. Quilgor healed the adventurers with his cleric spells. Then, they headed up through another ladder and found themselves in the den of a gremlin. Valkyriem grappled with the gremlin, a frenzied creature who soon rusted the dagger with its magic abilities. After much hardship, the party defeated the gremlin. They found their way out of the den and returned to Galicia. They reviewed the details of the quest and rejoiced.

Glin sauntered away shortly after and pressed a button on his wristwatch to return to his own time. A few days later, Valkyriem found Glin at the entrance to the town and found that while this Glin did have the experience points, he didn’t remember the experience at all. Valkyriem brought Glin to the Homestead, and he informed Glin about his adventuring career. About a week later, a dagger came in the mail for Valkyriem. The dagger was simply left with the note, “Try to be more careful with your items. – Glin”.

The Demon Inside

The team walked into the city, and most everyone was ignoring them. Except a little boy. The party approached the boy and he didn’t give much help. What he does say is to talk to his Uncle Fressin. The party travels to Fresin and he is a blacksmith. They find out that Quendil is the soldier’s name and he is a very bad man. Quendal is said to be dead, killed by bandits. The bandits turn out to be Fresin’s neighbors. They were citizens. Quendil made the people worship him like a god. After he died, people saw him and said he was “resurrected by the gods”. Tells us to speak to Jessel, Fresin’s nephew. Not the nephew earlier mentioned. Jesull was never located, but the party was lead to a temple of Irory. There they met a bald woman who told them much about Quendil. She revealed he is a demon inside of a human body. He has lacerations that no man could survive. She tells us the demon is in the watchtower on the third floor. Valkyriem makes a scouting mission to find any info about Quendil. He only finds windows and entrances. There is a large opening on the 2nd floor and a kitchen on the first. Valkyriem returns unscathed. Glin, Quilgor, and Kaladan wait for Jessul to appear. Valkyriem appears before they see Jessul. They depart immediately for the tower. Upon approaching, they enter the 1st floor doors, and see a rope strangling a halfling. Glin animated the rope to get it off, Valkyriem slices it, and Glin finishes it. The halfling pledges his service to Glin. Then, a wooden dragon statue attacks and is easily finished off. They enter a kitchen, nothing there. Then they enter another room with flickering wall sconces. Valkyriem tricks Kaladan into going in for 10 gp, even after Valkyriem completes a trapfind check. A lesser flame elemental appears. Kaladan is caught on fire, but puts himself out and destroys the elemental. The group skips the 2nd floor. Valkyriem rushes in after drinking a Hide from Undead potion. It works! But upon entering, 2 statues fire arrows and both land. Vallkyriem enters and finds 3 halflings, and a man in a chair. Valkyriem pierces one, and then Kaladan cleaves another. Valkyriem approaches the demon, stabs him in the back, and pulls of the legendary Coup de Grace. After healing the halflings, they mount the demon’s head on a pike. Valkyriem foolishly touches the mysterious amulet around his neck and is zapped. Then, a wild imp appears. Major casualties were sustained, but only 1 death. The Imp. Dexterity damage is taken in bulk and a lot of loot is acquired. Valkyriem finds 2 letters said to be written by the same person. But after checking, they were not written by the same person. They were from lord Nardoc the Bold. Valkyriem thinks this might possibly be the ‘N’ from his shrouded past.

Retcon Police: Mission I: The Town Guard and the Murder

While Valkyriem shopped for goods, Glin, Quilgor, and Kaladan were enjoying their drinks at the bar in Cayden Cailean’s temple. Some men were harassing the bar’s waitress, but Kaladan intimidated them into leaving the bar. When we left, a mysterious man followed us.

As we headed to the market, the two men from earlier attacked us with their daggers. One was knocked unconscious, and the other fled. At that point, the mysterious man popped out and asked a favor of us. He wanted us to retrieve a holy symbol of Iomedae that had been stolen by a mysterious group known as the Murder because it was a “name-day” gift for his friend. Kaladan and Quilgor headed with him, and Glin stayed behind to explain the situation to the guards.

Unfortunately, the guards that arrived on the scene had to be the ones who had gotten poor rolls for their Int scores. Glin was arrested and taken to jail despite many attempts to explain the situation.

Quilgor and Kaladan found their way to the Murder HQ and fought off many dire rats and a gremlin on their way to meet with the group. When they finally arrived in the tengus’ main hall, they had to do some bartering with money from the mysterious stranger. They retrieved the holy symbol at a loss.

Once they had been sold the holy symbol, Quilgor and Kaladan headed to the name-day party at the Well. They met up with the stranger, Lonnith Darkblade, who gave it to his companion Kendial. Lonnith soon convinced the guards to let Glin free, and everyone lived happily ever after. (Except Glin. He still shudders when imagining the halitosis and cruel reprimands from Oskin Brokentooth.)


After the run in with kobolds, our heroes continue on their journey to Yonto. There, they meet the nomadic Hawk Tribe in their encampment. While Popito discusses with the shepherds of his flock being returned, our heroes learn there is some sort of giant beast ravaging the hills and disturbing the tribes way of life for the worse.

Being led to the beasts lair, the party sets up a plan to lure the thing out and end it’s reign of terror. After a rousing battle and not without taking hurts themselves, the heroes manage to slay the creature, which it turns out was of the Ogre-kin. The party loots the lair and brings back a good haul for themselves as well as donating some of the riches to the Hawk Tribe.

Horp, the tribal leader, awards them with a feast and deem them friends of the Hawk Tribe, and as a gift they each receive a feathered amulet.

The group then heads south back to Goodwell to return the sheep after recovering, while being escorted by one of the Hawk Tribe’s shepherds and dog. On their journey they are ambushed by two Hyenas, perhaps those that had been making off with the sheep. The shepherd and dog suffered dire injuries but not without being avenged by our heroes who ended the two beasts lives after a close contact fight.

The group finally makes it to Goodwell and are rewarded well for their exploits. Glin, Quilgor, and Kaladan are sidetracked on a short adventure while Valkyriem shops. After the adventure, they head for the guards tower after learning days before of a group of men(and elves) needed for a quest. There they meet officer Oskin Brokentooth, who explains to them of the outpost, the Western Tower, and their lack of receiving any news or anything for the matter, and needs the group to check on things in a three day time slot. As payment they will be closer to becoming citizens of Goodwell and are consequently deputized as part of the Watch. On their journey they scare off a group of would-be bandits and reach the Western Tower. There the township is crawling with halflings. The mood of the place is somber and foreboding and are met with resentment by the townsfolk, they are warned of a “dark cloud” hanging about the town.

A New Beginning

Our heroes, Glin Von Magus, Valkyriem, Quilgor and Kaladan learned from Morgen, the proprietor of The Homestead, that a livestock merchant needs help.

We met Shrewd Jaslo a sheep dealer who was having trouble with beasts attacking the sheep he was trying to bring out of the Shattered Hills north of town. Players have accompanied his son Popito toward the village of Yonto where Popito will acquire the sheep. The task is to shepherd the sheep back to Goodwell.

The trip is about one day north of Goodwell. A few hours north of town, the party examines the pass where the previous shepherding trips had gone awry. They see predator tracks, but cannot find the source of them.

A couple hours north of there, the party sets up camp. During the night a pair of hiking kobolds attempt to ambush the sleeping adventurers, but are hoisted by their own petard (!) and end up as a pair of dead kobolds.

they were carrying treasure

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