Durga Chronicles

The Demon Inside

The team walked into the city, and most everyone was ignoring them. Except a little boy. The party approached the boy and he didn’t give much help. What he does say is to talk to his Uncle Fressin. The party travels to Fresin and he is a blacksmith. They find out that Quendil is the soldier’s name and he is a very bad man. Quendal is said to be dead, killed by bandits. The bandits turn out to be Fresin’s neighbors. They were citizens. Quendil made the people worship him like a god. After he died, people saw him and said he was “resurrected by the gods”. Tells us to speak to Jessel, Fresin’s nephew. Not the nephew earlier mentioned. Jesull was never located, but the party was lead to a temple of Irory. There they met a bald woman who told them much about Quendil. She revealed he is a demon inside of a human body. He has lacerations that no man could survive. She tells us the demon is in the watchtower on the third floor. Valkyriem makes a scouting mission to find any info about Quendil. He only finds windows and entrances. There is a large opening on the 2nd floor and a kitchen on the first. Valkyriem returns unscathed. Glin, Quilgor, and Kaladan wait for Jessul to appear. Valkyriem appears before they see Jessul. They depart immediately for the tower. Upon approaching, they enter the 1st floor doors, and see a rope strangling a halfling. Glin animated the rope to get it off, Valkyriem slices it, and Glin finishes it. The halfling pledges his service to Glin. Then, a wooden dragon statue attacks and is easily finished off. They enter a kitchen, nothing there. Then they enter another room with flickering wall sconces. Valkyriem tricks Kaladan into going in for 10 gp, even after Valkyriem completes a trapfind check. A lesser flame elemental appears. Kaladan is caught on fire, but puts himself out and destroys the elemental. The group skips the 2nd floor. Valkyriem rushes in after drinking a Hide from Undead potion. It works! But upon entering, 2 statues fire arrows and both land. Vallkyriem enters and finds 3 halflings, and a man in a chair. Valkyriem pierces one, and then Kaladan cleaves another. Valkyriem approaches the demon, stabs him in the back, and pulls of the legendary Coup de Grace. After healing the halflings, they mount the demon’s head on a pike. Valkyriem foolishly touches the mysterious amulet around his neck and is zapped. Then, a wild imp appears. Major casualties were sustained, but only 1 death. The Imp. Dexterity damage is taken in bulk and a lot of loot is acquired. Valkyriem finds 2 letters said to be written by the same person. But after checking, they were not written by the same person. They were from lord Nardoc the Bold. Valkyriem thinks this might possibly be the ‘N’ from his shrouded past.


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