This walled city is at the edge of the Durga wastes. It is home to approximately 3,000 people with an additional 1500 people living in smaller settlements nearby. Population breakdown is about 65% human, 12% halfling, 10% dwarf, 5% elf, 1% gnome and 7% other (including half-orcs and others).

Goodwell was founded 500 years ago on the site of a true rarity in these parts— a pure fresh water well. In the intervening years, a system on aqueducts and plumbing has brought water to most buildings in the city, giving the life here a level of comfort not found in the surrounding lands. Because of this, Goodwell is not subject to the jurisdiction of the Waterbringers’ Guild.

A large proportion of inhabitants of Goodwell are current or former adventurers. Because of this many items, both magical and mundane, can be found in the markets here. The city is governed by a council of powerful citizens.

The city watch is an important institution, providing security from the denizens of the wastes. As a relatively isolated settlement, Goodwell requires people sheltering within it’s walls to contribute to the security the city provides, either through taxes or public service. All residents and visitors to the city are expected to provide the watch with a reasonable service requested of them— (ie. visitors may be drafted to any task the watch sees fit to assign). Non property owners are expected to report to either the City Watch Duty Sergeant or the City Exchequer (to pay a visitor tax) on a weekly basis. People who fail to do either, or are found to be troublemakers, soon find themselves outside the city walls.

Noted citizens of Goodwell.

Rogden — Captain of the City Watch
Oskin Brokentooth Duty Sergeant of the City Watch
Popitius Hamgund City exchequer
Kendial — Noted adventuring Paladin, city hero
Feldrew — Noted adventuring Wizard, companion of Kendial
Lonnith Darkblade — Noted adventuring Rogue, companion of Kendial
Morgen — Owner of The Homestead

Places of Note

The Homestead an inn and boarding house popular with adventurers
The Well a tavern named for and adjacent to the actual city water source
Holistreet a neighborhood noted for it’s many temples
Hillgate a tower adjacent to the citie’s largest gate which houses the City watch headquarters


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